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Biotite product release

A guide to the product releases going live this week

Biotite product release

This post is another entry in our regular series in which we fill you in on all the front-end updates we’ve made across our dApps and website recently. Stay tuned for more updates!

New Synth icons

Having launched new Synth icons as part of the recent visual brand overhaul, we have since responded to community feedback and revised the icons used for Synths. They now use the style shown above, with green representing long positions and red representing short positions. They also leverage existing, recognisable icons and avoid using text. The full list can be accessed in the Synthetix assets repository on Github.

SNX liquidation alerts in Mintr

In Mintr there is now an added liquidation ratio, which alerts all stakers as to what the current liquidation ratio is for SNX stakers. Also, if your C-Ratio drops below 200% then a red banner appears at the top of the screen to alert you.

ETH loans UI — partial loan adjustments and liquidations

Additional features have been added to the ETH-sUSD loans section on Synthetix.Exchange. This allows ETH stakers to now make partial adjustments to their loans, either adding or removing ETH or repaying part of their debt. Also, when loans fall below a 150% collateralisation ratio they can now be partially liquidated by other users, who receive a 10% bonus from the ETH staker for doing so. If a liquidator pays off a $100 debt, they receive $110 of the underlying ETH collateral.

Loans also now have transaction progress indicators, courtesy of BlockNative, to better represent the state of their transaction. Loans have also been added to The Graph, meaning they can be queried via this link.

Thanks for checking out what the front-end team has accomplished recently. If you’ve got any front-end requests or feedback to this series, please come join the conversation in Discord.