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Pyth Governance Distribution Now Live for Eligible Synthetix Users

The Pyth Governance Distribution is now open for eligible Synthetix users to claim their tokens and support the relationship between Synthetix and Pyth. Check your eligibility and learn how to claim your tokens to be part of the early days of Pyth governance.

Pyth Governance Distribution Now Live for Eligible Synthetix Users

We are excited to announce that the Pyth Governance Distribution is now live. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can now claim your Pyth tokens and help bootstrap governance at Pyth while supporting the relationship between Synthetix and Pyth.

Eligibility Criteria

You may be eligible for the Pyth Governance Distribution if you have engaged in any of the following activities within one year prior to the initial announcement:

  • Posted in governance-related channels such as #governance, #spartan-council, #grants-council, #ambassador-council, #treasury-council, or #gov-call-chat.
  • Voted on Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs) or Synthetix Configuration Change Proposals (SCCPs).
  • Served on any Synthetix DAO body.
  • Authored a governance proposal.
  • Staking SNX & participated in Synthetix governance elections.*

*Please note that this distribution is only a portion of the total Pyth tokens allocated to the Synthetix community. There will be multiple future distributions for various participants, including stakers who've voted in Synthetix governance elections.

How to Claim Your Pyth Tokens

Claiming your Pyth tokens is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to with the Solana wallet you submitted via Appy on the Synthetix Discord
  2. Sign in and verify your wallet
    1. If you're using Ledger/Squad, click the necessary button on Streamflow.
  3. On the airdrops page, you will see the Pyth Governance Distribution airdrop
  4. Claim your tokens and start participating in Pyth governance

Note: Unclaimed tokens will be returned to the Synthetix Treasury Council wallet after 28 days. 

Strengthening the Synthetix-Pyth Relationship

This distribution is a vital step in supporting Pyth in its earliest days and strengthening the bond between the Synthetix and Pyth communities. By distributing PYTH governance tokens to those most involved in bootstrapping Synthetix governance, we aim to create a strong foundation for active participation in Pyth governance.

Get Involved in Pyth Governance

Now that you have your Pyth tokens, it's time to get involved in governance. Pyth is just beginning its journey into decentralized governance, and your participation is crucial. To learn more about Pyth governance, check out these resources:

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the early days of Pyth governance. Check your eligibility, claim your tokens now, and let's build the future of decentralized oracles together!