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New updates postponed for one week

New updates postponed for one week

We have been working this week on implementing several updates to the system, which we previously announced would be deployed Thursday night, June 27 (Sydney time). However, we have decided to postpone the deployment for another week to provide time for the engineering team to perform additional testing.

The planned updates were determined by the recent Governance meeting and community polls:

  • Removing tiered penalties for SNX and Synth rewards and preventing SNX stakers from claiming rewards if their C-Ratio is more than 10% (as agreed by the community) below the required C-Ratio. (SIP2)
  • Implementing purgeable Synths (SIP3)
  • Six new Synths: sTRX, iTRX, sXTZ, iXTZ, sMKR, iMKR (SIP5)
  • Updating the required C-Ratio to 750% (SCCP2)
  • Changing rewards to being claimable for only 2 weeks  (SIP4)

We will keep you all updated about any further changes.