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Introducing sDEFI, sLINK, sLTC, sXRP, and their Inverses!

An introduction to our new crypto Synths, including sDEFI, sLINK, sLTC, sXRP, and their Inverses

Introducing sDEFI, sLINK, sLTC, sXRP, and their Inverses!

In today's Arcturus release, which is now live, we launched several new Synths to the system.

First up is sDEFI/iDEFI, which tracks a basket of DeFi-related tokens. The inclusions and weighting are the following:

Project | Weightage
LINK | 25.00%
MKR | 25.00%
ZRX | 13.00%
SNX | 13.00%
REN | 6.00%
LRC | 6.00%
KNC | 6.00%
BNT | 3.50%
MLN | 2.50%

These were selected through a series of Twitter polls, and the weighting was determined by first dividing according to market cap, and then amended as per community feedback.

Here is how iDEFI works:
"Inversely tracks the price of DeFi Index (DEFI) through price feeds supplied by an oracle. The entry point is $1000 (the approximate market price at time of creation). This Synth freezes when it reaches its upper limit of $1500 (i.e. when DeFi Index's value reaches $500) or its lower limit of $500 (i.e. when DeFi Index’s value reaches $1500). If it reaches either of its limits and gets frozen, it will no longer be able to be purchased on Synthetix.Exchange, but can still be traded for other Synths at its frozen value. At some point after it has reached either of its limits, it will be substituted for another iDEFI with different limits."

Here's our introduction to how Inverse Synths work. The other new Synths are the long/Inverse versions of Ripple (XRP), Chainlink (LINK), and Litecoin (LTC). The limits of their Inverses can be viewed at

Thank you to everyone in the community who assisted with the DEFI Synth inclusions, as well as everyone who helped select the new crypto Synths. If you have any questions about these new tokens, come join us in Discord.