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Front-end updates: Curvepool screen, new sX splash page, and more!

Here's everything we're launching on our dApps and websites this week!

Front-end updates: Curvepool screen, new sX splash page, and more!

This post is the first of a regular series we’re starting, in which twice a month we fill you in on all the front-end updates we’ve made across our dApps and website. Stay tuned for more updates!

Curvepool screen

As part of the new Curve / iearn sUSD liquidity trial, we’ve added the ability to stake your Curve LP tokens into Mintr.

Synthetix.Exchange splash page

We’ve implemented a splash page to welcome users to Synthetix.Exchange. Previously they landed straight onto the trading screen, which could be confusing to newcomers. With the new splash page, they’re introduced to what sX is, what some of the most recently volatile assets are, and links to other resources.

sX header fixes

The Synthetix.Exchange header has been redesigned and is now responsive, meaning if you resize the window or view it on mobile/tablet then the options in the header are folded into a hamburger menu.

Market routes

We’ve added URL routes for each market in Synthetix.Exchange, so now if traders wish to view a specific market they can do so via the UI or the URL.

s/iMKR removal

We have also removed s/iMKR from the Synthetix.Exchange UI, as it will not be added back into the system in the near future due to illiquidity. If you still hold s/iMKR, you can still trade it into sUSD on Mintr using the ‘Transfer’ option.

Thanks for checking out what the front-end team has been accomplishing recently. If you’ve got any front-end requests or feedback to this series, please come join the conversation in Discord.