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Barite product release

A guide to what the frontend core contributors have been working on this week

Barite product release

This post is another entry in our regular series in which we fill you in on all the front-end updates we’ve made across our dApps and website recently. Stay tuned for more updates!

Added gas fee estimation tooltip in Kwenta

Now when Kwenta can estimate an accurate gas fee, it will display it in a hoverable tooltip.

Added dates to fee period sections on Stats

Dates for current and last fee periods have now been added to the relevant sections on Stats.

Prices displayed on y-axis in Kwenta charts

Charts now display prices on the y-axis, in addition to when they are hovered over with the cursor.

Smoother page transitions on Kwenta

A subtle fade transition has been added to Kwenta so changing screens now feels more fluid for the user.

Other updates

  • Kwenta visual assets optimised for faster loading times
  • Improved UI in the Synth Balances screen on the Kwenta Dashboard
  • Added the Lattice hardware wallet to Kwenta
  • Update deps (React 17, Next.js v10, Webpack 5, TypeScript 4) on Kwenta
  • Increased the slope of the line charts on Stats
  • Updated the new synthetix-js library on Stats

Thanks for checking out what the front-end contributors have accomplished recently. If you’ve got any front-end requests or feedback about this series, please come join the conversation in Discord.