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Synth Asset Management with dHEDGE is Live

Synth Asset Management with dHEDGE is Live

dHEDGE is now live! With dHEDGE, investors can earn rewards by managing a portfolio of Synths or invest in the performance of other dHEDGE portfolios.

Portfolio managers on dHEDGE hold a pool of Synths and work their way to the top of the leaderboard by achieving growth. The more successful a portfolio is, the more likely other traders are to invest in it. The more traders invested in your portfolio, the more you can earn.

How to invest in dHEDGE portfolios

To invest your funds in a dHEDGE portfolio, head over to the Leaderboard tab in dHEDGE and find a pool that you’d like to invest in. Here, you can select a given pool to learn more about what assets are included, who the pool manager is, and the pools trading history.

Once you’ve found a pool you’d like to invest in, visit the pool page and find the “Invest” option near the top of the page and input the amount you’d like to invest. Your invested funds will fluctuate based on the return rate of the portfolio. To monitor your investments, visit the My Investment tab.

How to become a portfolio manager on dHEDGE

To start your own portfolio on dHEDGE, visit the “Manage Pools” tab and select “Create Pool”. There is no minimum amount of money that you need to invest to create a pool. You can create as many pools as you wish.

Name your pool, choose an investor fee, and pick the assets you would like to include in your pool.

Once created, you can adjust your exposure to the Synths you selected in your “Manage Pools” tab. As you work your way up the leaderboard and attract investors, you will earn rewards from the performance fee you've set.

The DHT Token
dHEDGE is building an unstoppable DeFi tool. The dHEDGE decentralized governance system runs on their native token DHT. You can read more about how DHT will be used to facilitate governance and incentive product usage in their documentation.

Powered by Synthetix

dHEDGE is built entirely on the Synthetix protocol. Investor portfolios are equipped with the full suite of Synths to generate growth. Fees generated from Synth swaps that occur on dHEDGE are paid out to SNX stakers.

Volume Program

With the integration of Synth-to-Synth swap functionality, dHEDGE now qualifies for the Volume Program, a mechanism that rewards projects generating volume on the Synthetix protocol. If your project uses Synth-to-Synth swap and you would like to start earning fees, visit our documentation on Volume Program integrations.

Get started

Start using dHEDGE’s asset management platform.

Learn more about how to join the Volume Program.

Visit the Synthetix Discord to join the community.