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The sUSD Bridge has been enabled

The sUSD Bridge has been enabled

The sUSD bridge, facilitating transfers between Ethereum Mainnet and Optimistic Ethereum, is live. This functionality is accessible through the Synthetix Staking UI, leveraging a native bridge created by the SNX Grants Council & the Socket bridge aggreator integration. To use the bridge, visit Synthetix Staking UI Bridge.

Steps for Transferring sUSD:

  1. Navigate to the Synthetix Staking UI Bridge.
  2. Select either the native bridge or the instant bridge option:
    • The native bridge allows for sUSD transfers between Optimism and Ethereum Mainnet without slippage.
    • The instant bridge, utilizing Socket Tech, supports bridging any asset to any chain with a fee.

Note: Transferring sUSD from Optimism to Ethereum Mainnet through the native bridge will have a 7-day waiting period.

Any Questions?

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