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SNX and sUSD are now live on Monolith

SNX and sUSD are now live on Monolith

You can now use SNX and sUSD to fuel your Monolith visa debit card!

Monolith is a visa debit card and Ethereum smart wallet that enables users to buy, spend, or  hold and earn interest with crypto. Monolith is available in countries throughout Europe (EEA) and can be used around the globe with merchants that accept visa.

How to use Monolith

If you are a resident of the EEA, you can order a Monolith card through their website:

Once you have a Monolith card, download the app on your mobile device and use their simple onboarding process. Once set up, you will be able to load your account with cryptocurrencies such as SNX, sUSD, and many more.

To spend your SNX and sUSD, simply use the SNX or sUSD in your Monolith account to top up your card with your preferred currency (GBP, EURO, USD, etc.) and make purchases with the card as you would a regular Visa card.

Get started

Start using SNX and sUSD with Monolith.

Learn more about how to join the Volume Program.

Visit the Synthetix Discord to join the community.