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Some Synths have been paused to lower gas costs

An initiative to lower gas costs across the system

Some Synths have been paused to lower gas costs

Ahead of  this morning’s Pollux release, a proposal was written to temporarily pause some of the Synths with low open interest in order to lower gas costs. This decision was not made lightly, and was due to these two reasons:

  • Gas costs are extremely high at the moment — at the time of writing, ETH Gas Station’s standard GWEI is at 405.
  • As detailed in SIP-84, there is even more additional gas costs after SIP-36 due to reading state from external contracts via the CALL opcode for each and every Synth, along with the existing SLOAD required to read contract state.

Pausing these Synths is a short-term solution, and we have already planned a longer-term solution in SIP-83 that we will prioritise implementing.

These are the Synths that have been paused:
sJPY, sCHF, sGBP, s/iEOS, s/iCEX, s/iTRX, s/iFTSE, s/iXMR, s/iETC, s/iNIKKEI, s/iDASH

Anyone who holds these paused Synths will be airdropped the equivalent amount of sUSD this week, along with an SNX bonus.

If you have any more questions about this proposal, please come join the conversation in Discord.