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Q2 Attendance & Participation Report

Q2 Attendance & Participation Report

June 27, 2022

In the interest of transparency, SNXweave is proud to introduce a Council-wide Attendance and Participation Report for the 2nd quarter of 2022.

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With just one week left in the epoch, we thought it would be beneficial to the voters to see how their elected Council members have fared in participation over the past 3 months. We recognize that attendance and voting records are not the only metrics that can be used to judge participation, so we encourage the community to utilize this information as a supplement to the everyday actions of Council members that can be seen throughout the Discord.

To round out this report, we have also included the results of an anonymous “360 Review” survey where we gathered feedback from each of the Council members on their peers. For this review, each member was asked to rate if each of their fellow members adequately participated or did not adequately participate over the course of the epoch. SNXweave and the Grants Council would like to also welcome any feedback on this Review, as we hope to improve and add to it for the next quarter.

We hope that this provides useful information to consider when voting — and reminder that you can change your vote right up until the end.

Thank you to Q2’s Council members for your dedication to Synthetix, and good luck to those running for Q3!

Happy voting! 🗳️

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