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The new docs

Introduction to the new Synthetix documentation

The new docs

The Synthetix developer documentation site has been given a much-needed upgrade. We've overhauled the docs to cover a few key user journeys for engineers looking to programmatically interact with Synthetix:

  1. A technical overview of our suite of smart contracts, designed for blockchain integration engineers;
  2. Documentation on our collection of JavaScript modules for interacting with our smart contracts, designed for dApp engineers and script writers; and
  3. Guides for querying historical data both on-chain and via The Graph, designed for analysts and data miners.

We've arranged the site in the following ways:

System Overview
General information on the Synthetix ecosystem, designed for general consumption.

The live list of addresses, ABIs and sources for our contracts on mainnet and all testnets.

The list of our releases with links to blog posts and SIPs, as pulled from our synthetix repo on GitHub.

The latest list of ERC20 tokens supported by Synthetix - this includes SNX and details all of the current synths, including the limits of inverse synths and the components of each index synth.

Historical Data
A guide for those looking to research Synthetix usage on mainnet.

A list of our JavaScript libraries for interacting with Synthetix contracts.

Smart Contracts
A sub-site dedicated to documenting our complex suite of smart contracts and how they interact. This section is designed for both blockchain engineers looking to interact with our smart contracts and dApp developers looking to understand which functions are available to read and write to our contracts.

The docs are automatically built on every release via our CircleCI release process. See anything amiss? Feel free to fork the docs repo and send in a pull request: @Synthetixio/synthetix-docs