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Join us on March 2/3 for the next community governance call!

All the details for the next community governance call!

Join us on March 2/3 for the next community governance call!

The first Synthetix community governance call of 2020 is scheduled for March 2/3 (timezone dependent), and there’s always a lot to get through.

Here are the times:

San Francisco: Monday, March 2, 3pm
New York: Monday, March 2, 6pm
Central Europe: Tuesday, March 3, midnight
Singapore: Tuesday, March 3, 7am
Sydney: Tuesday, March 3, 10am

You can join the call here using Zoom, though there’ll be an online recording on YouTube shortly after. Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Achernar release retro

  • Uniswap staking rewards (SIP-31)
  • Remove XDR (SIP-33)
  • ETH collateral (SIP-35)
  • Fee reclamation (SIP-37)
  • Charge fees during a purge (SIP-38)
  • Synthetix.Exchange v2

Betelgeuse release retro

  • Frontminting prevention (SIP-40)
  • ProtocolDAO phase zero
  • Gas optimisations

Upcoming Hadar release

  • Improved delegation powers (SIP-10)
  • Continuous rewards (Issue-58)
  • One-week claim window (SIP-9)
  • Chainlink Phase 2 (SIP-36)
  • Synth exchange pausing (Issue-79)
  • ProtocolDAO phase one

Other SIPs, issues, and topics

  • Account merging (SIP-13)
  • Exchange delegation (SIP-14)
  • Liquidation / direct redemption (SIP-15)
  • Chainlink Phase 2 (SIP-36)
  • New arb pool (Issues-59, -65, -69)
  • Asset liquidity requirements (Issue-72)
  • Synth exchange suspension for protocol security (Issue-80)
  • GrantsDAO
  • Collateralisation Ratio
  • Exchange fee
  • sETH peg

If you've got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!