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Join us on June 23 for the next community governance call!

Everything you need to know about the upcoming community governance call!

Join us on June 23 for the next community governance call!

The tenth Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for June 23, and as usual there's plenty to discuss!

Here are the times:

  • San Francisco: Tuesday June 23, 6am
  • New York: Tuesday June 23, 9am
  • Central Europe: Tuesday June 23, 2pm
  • Singapore: Tuesday June 23, 9pm
  • Sydney: Tuesday June 23, 11pm
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You can join the call here using Zoom, and there will be an online recording on YouTube shortly after. Here is the agenda for the meeting:


Recap of the last month


  • SIP-15: Liquidation
  • SIP-56: Differential fees
  • SIP-57: AddressResolver proxy
  • Ether collateral trial APR increase + next version
  • SNX/USDC on Uniswap v2
  • SNX/USDC on Balancer
  • SNX/REN on Balancer + sBTC/renBTC/WBTC on Curve


Gypsum Product Release

  • Switching off user tracking

Sulfur Product Release

  • IPFS hosting

Halite Product Release

  • Synths overview pages
  • Debt tracker page


  • Synthetix.Exchange user survey
  • grantsDAO
  • Chicago DeFi Alliance
  • Branding
  • Growth

Looking ahead




  • Synthetic futures
  • SIP-58: Emit Reclaim and Rebate events
  • SIP-64: Flexible contract storage
  • SIP-65: Decentralized circuit breaker



Current topics for debate

  • SIP-15: Liquidation mechanism details, inc. delay
  • SIP-61: Keeper Synths
  • SIP-62: Futures reference price methodology
  • Margin trading
  • Fee reclamation window
  • sDEFI and sCEX tokens

Open questions from community

If you've got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!