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Join us in the next community governance call on September 11/12!

All the details for the upcoming community governance call

Join us in the next community governance call on September 11/12!

Update (30/10/2019): you can watch the full governance call here.

The next Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for September 11/12 depending on your timezone, and there's lots to discuss.

Here are the times:

  • San Francisco: Wednesday September 11, 6pm
  • New York: Wednesday September 11, 9pm
  • Central Europe: Thursday September 12, 2am
  • Singapore: Thursday September 12, 9am
  • Sydney: Thursday September 12, at 11am

You can join the call here using Zoom (desktop app required). Here is the agenda for the meeting:


- Meeting pace vs topic coverage
- Framework for balancing current 'rough consensus' governance style with large decisions


- bytes32
- Mintr v2
- Multisig wallet
- sCEX and iCEX
- SIPs website
- Leveraged sBTC

Talking points

- SNX inflationary schedule (with deltatiger)
- ETH collateral


- Reducing or eliminating the C-Ratio buffer
- Weekly allocation of SNX to arb contract
- sETH pool phase 3 (SIP-8)
- sETH migration
- Pitch staking to centralised exchange/s


- Delegation (SIP-10 + SIP-14)
- Max gas price for exchange transactions (SIP-12)
- Account merging (SIP-13)
- Direct redemption (SIP-15)Utilise proxies internally (SIP-16)

Gitcoin Bounties

- SNX staking pool (Gitcoin)
- Next priorities


If you've got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!