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Join us for the next community governance call on October 24/25!

All the details for the fifth Synthetix community governance call

Join us for the next community governance call on October 24/25!

Update (30/10/2019): you can watch the full governance call here.

The next Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for October 24/25 (timezone dependent), and there's plenty to discuss.

Here are the times:

San Francisco: Thursday, October 24, 4pm
New York: Thursday, October 24, 7pm
Central Europe: Friday, October 25, 12am
Singapore: Friday, October 25, 7am
Sydney: Friday, October 25, 10am

You can join the call here using Zoom (desktop app required). Here is the agenda for the meeting:


Sirius Release

  • Point Synths to Synthetix proxy and FeePool proxy
  • bytes32
  • Recover $2.9k from nUSD transfers
  • Remove transfer fee code

Canopus Release

  • Max GWEI

Frozen sETH migration

  • Holders to contact support
  • Schedule old system to be attached for small withdraw window TBD

Using TheGraph for the dashboard (issue-254)
Chainlink Update
Mintr v2
sX v2
Coinbase Wallet integration
Synthetic positions

Open Issues

SNX monetary policy (issue-36)

  • Smoothening schedule
  • Perpetual inflation

ETH collateral (issue-232)

  • What should the C-Ratio be?
  • What should the minting fee be (if any)?
  • What should the debt ceiling be set to as a % of total debt?
  • How should the APR be calculated on ETH collateral?

Decentralised proxies (issue-235)


Rigil Release

Other SIPs

Gitcoin Bounties

  • SNX Staking Pool - In progress
  • Uniswap Atomic Swaps - In Review
  • Gas Opt R&D Complete - Integration
  • Next priorities

If you've got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!