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Join us on November 18/19 for the next community governance call!

Join us on November 18/19 for the next community governance call!

The next Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for November 18/19 (timezone dependent), and there's plenty to discuss.

Here are the times:

  • San Francisco: Monday, November 18, 2pm
  • New York: Monday, November 18, 5pm
  • Central Europe: November 18, 11pm
  • Singapore: Tuesday, November 19, 6am
  • Sydney: Tuesday, November 19, 9am

You can join the call here using Zoom (desktop app required). Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Rigil Release Recap

Arcturus Release

  • SIP-20: Integrate gas optimisations
  • SIP-22: sDEFI/iDEFI Synth
  • Rebalancing iTRX
  • New crypto Synths (+ inverses)
  • Audit remediations

Future releases

  • SIP-23: Inflation smoothing
  • SIP-24: Terminal SNX inflation
  • SIP-13: Upgrade reward escrow for reward reassignment
  • GH-293: Chainlink Oracles
  • GH-254: Upgrading the dashboard to The Graph
  • GH-232: Ether collateral
  • SIP-9 Change fee claim window to one period
  • SIP-10 + SIP-14: Delegation powers
  • SIP-13 Account merging
  • sX v2
  • Deprecate ERC223
  • Contract address resolver
  • sETH LP rewards contract

Discussion points

  • Strengthening the peg

If you've got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!

Garth Travers

Garth Travers

Garth is Communications Manager at Synthetix, a synthetic assets platform.