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Introducing our first index tokens sCEX and iCEX!

Introducing our first index tokens sCEX and iCEX!

We are very excited to launch a new category of Synth, Index Tokens, these tokens track an index of centralised exchanges tokens. The long version is called sCEX and the short version is called iCEX. These Synths are designed to give users exposure to a basket of exchange tokens, which have gained huge popularity in the last 12 months. sCEX tracks the value of a basket of exchange tokens roughly approximating their weighted market cap, iCEX is an inverse index of this basket, and works like our other Inverse Synths.

Index Synths showcase the flexibility of the Synthetix system, with its ability to create different kinds of synthetic assets. The distributed collateral pool design enables assets unavailable anywhere else on Ethereum, all with infinite liquidity and no slippage!

The following table outlines the key details as to how we’ve filled the basket of exchange tokens:

Like our other Inverse Synths, iCEX will have an entry price, an upper limit, and a lower limit. These limits cap profit and loss, whenever these limits are reached the token’s value is frozen and won’t change until it is re-deployed.

These are the first Index Synths to be launched on Synthetix, but there are many other indexes that will be launched in the future. The utility of these Synths and the potential of future Index Synths demonstrates the growing potential of the Synthetix platform.