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How to mint Synths without using Mintr

How to mint Synths without using Mintr

Mintr and Synthetix.Exchange have now been updated to support the new Trezor firmware update, 1.8.0. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on our dApps over the last few days. Firmware updates are out of our control, but we will always attempt to respond quickly to ensure our dApps are compatible with the latest hardware.

Just in case people update their hardware wallets before we get a chance to update our dApps, we thought this was a good opportunity to let people know that there are alternative ways to interact with our smart contracts on Ethereum, and thus, perform any action our dApps enable. The two easiest ways to use smart contracts without touching a dApp are MyEtherWallet and EtherScan.

Here's an example of how to stake your SNX to issue the maximum number of Synths and be eligible for SNX staking rewards.


  • Find the issueMaxSynths function
  • Enter the name of the Synth you wish to mint (e.g. sETH or iBTC) into the currencyKey box
  • Click the Write button
  • Confirm the transaction.


3. Select issueMaxSynths from the dropdown and then enter the hex currency key for sUSD 0x73555344 and select Write

4. This will start a transaction confirmation with your wallet provider (Trezor / Ledger / other).

You should now have the sUSD issued into your wallet, available to be traded on for other Synths such as sBTC and sEUR.

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