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Escrowed havvens update

Escrowed havvens update

The first vesting period for havven tokens that were escrowed ends today, June 13. Below is information on how to ‘unlock’ your escrowed havven tokens as well as general information on how vesting will work for subsequent vesting periods.

Participants who during the token sale agreed to have their havven tokens vest over a period of time received a discount. The escrow periods and discounts from the token sale were as follows:
18 months: 20% discount
12 months: 15% discount
6 months: 10% discount
3 months: 5% discount
[Additionally, pre-sale purchasers received a 30% discount for 12 months escrow.]

If you did not choose an escrow option, the tokens you purchased will have been unlocked in mid-March 2018, becoming instantly transferable and tradeable. If you have chosen an escrow option, the number of havven tokens that will vest every three months is automatically calculated by the smart contract. To keep track of your vesting schedule and the number of tokens in your wallet, use the Balance Checker tool provided on the Havven website.

This release of more havvens will result in an adjustment to the total HAV supply. We have contacted CoinMarketCap about the update and they should make the adjustment shortly.

Anyone who has escrowed havvens being released will need to follow the instructions provided below to access them, which will make them transferable and tradeable. It’s important that you use the wallet address you received your havven tokens during the token distribution to successfully complete vesting.

If you encounter any problems during this process, or have any questions, please ask our friendly moderators on Telegram.


  • Go to this page on MEW.
  • Enter the following address into the ‘Contract Address’ field: 0x971e78e0C92392A4E39099835cF7E6aB535b2227
  • Enter the following text into the ‘ABI / JSON Interface’ field and then click ‘Access’:

[{"constant": false, "inputs": [], "name": "vest", "outputs": [], "payable": false, "stateMutability": "nonpayable", "type": "function"}]

  • The option to ‘Read/Write Contract’ will appear. Click ‘Select a Function,’ and a drop-down menu will appear. Click ‘vest.’
  • You will now be asked how you would like to access your wallet. You can use a variety of options, such as MetaMask, TREZOR, or directly entering the private key. Select the option that will allow you to access your wallet, and click ‘Write.’
  • Complete the process as per your particular wallet’s specific instructions.
  • Then you’ll be warned that you are about to “execute a function on contract.” You’ll be asked for an “Amount to Send” (leave it as 0) and it will recommend a gas limit (which you’ll need to pay in ETH), and once you’ve clicked “Generate Transaction” that’s it, you’re done!

Instructions for users of Ethereum’s Mist Browser

Users of Mist will need to generate a transaction to the contract address, 0x971e78e0C92392A4E39099835cF7E6aB535b2227, and send 0 tokens (though a small amount of gas) but send 0x458efde3 as data.

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