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dHedge testnet trading competition Round 2!

The second round of the dHedge testnet trading competition

dHedge testnet trading competition Round 2!

A month ago we shared the dHedge testnet trading competition, which attracted over 650 entrants including 20 winners. And now it’s time for round 2!

Once again, dHedge is running a competition on Ropsten testnet to test the protocol and find the best performing managers in the community.

Synthetix has supplied 5,000 SNX for the second round along with dHedge’s 125,000 DHT, which is the project’s native governance token.

dHedge offers non-custodial mimetic trading for synthetic assets, building on the zero-slippage and infinite liquidity trading model of Synthetix.

dHedge trading competition details

The competition will start today and run for 3 weeks until 8am UTC September 7 (6pm AEST, 4am EST, 1am PT). The prizes will be awarded to the traders with the highest Percentage Performance Return at the end of the competition:

  • 1st place: 37,000 DHT + 1,500 SNX + own channel on dHedge Discord + dHedge hoodie
  • 2nd place: 25,000 DHT + 1,000 SNX + dHedge hoodie
  • 3rd place: 12,000 DHT + 500 SNX + dHedge hoodie
  • 4th-20th place: 2,000 DHT + 60 SNX + dHedge t-shirt

The top two bot makers as judged by the dHedge team will each receive 8,500 DHT + 490 SNX + a dHedge hoodie. Bot makers will be judged by the dHedge team based on code quality and display of innovation. To be eligible, the code for the bots needs to be open sourced and available to the community under a MIT license or the equivalent.

To enter the competition, follow these steps:

  • Head to and follow the link to the App.
  • Connect your Web 3 wallet (like Metamask) to the Ropsten testnet.
  • Click on Create a Pool and Join Competition. After tweeting a message you will be eligible for the competition.
  • You will be guided through a process of obtaining testnet ETH and converting ETH to sUSD in order to start managing your pool.
  • Prizes will be distributed shortly after the competition’s end.

For the full list of details, terms, and conditions around the testnet competition, please visit

dHedge is still expecting to reach Mainnet in September. You can join the dHedge community on this dedicated Synthetix Discord channel, on the dHedge Discord, on Twitter, and on Telegram.