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Build a dApp using the Havven JS Library!

Build a dApp using the Havven JS Library!

This JavaScript library was created to help you get started with the Havven payment engine on Ethereum. You can use it to build your own project that needs to work with payments using a stablecoin.

We are constantly interrogating what we can do or build for users that will increase adoption, not just for our systems but for the blockchain space in general. We see user-focused tools and interfaces as being one of the most important steps to wider adoption, and we want to play our part and help you play yours.

What can I build on the Havven payment engine?

Anything you can think of with programmable money. Havven provides the stability-as-a-service and will soon be offering fx with our multicurrency release.

We’ve come up with some thought starters for dApps you could create by integrating Havven’s stable payments into your projects.

  • Crypto Games — lottery, poker, FOMO-nUSD for kicks.
  • Crypto Ecommerce
  • Crypto Loans
  • Crypto Insurance
  • Crypto Payroll
  • Crypto Global Remittance

Getting Started

The havven-js Library provides a simple pre-packaged API to communicate with Havven contracts.

Under the hood, havven-js uses ethers.js library and we’ve packaged some major signers with it, Trezor, Ledger and MetaMask to enable instant wallet integration.

This is particularly useful for hackathon teams to quickly “npm install havven-js” and have stable payments integrated into their dApp in just a few minutes.

The two main packages to do stable payments with are:

  • StablePayments — for transfer() and payment related functions like transfer()
  • Util — a bunch of handy utility functions for number handling and gas estimation.

Some other packages for hacking with:

  • IsssuanceController — for Token swapper/exchange functions such as ETH > HAV & ETH > nUSD
  • Mintr — if you want to build a dApp for minting and burning stablecoins

Access the havven-js Docs here

havven-js is open source

Got any questions?

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