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The Mimosa release

A summary of everything going live in this week's Mimosa technical release

The Mimosa release

This Thursday (November 12, beginning around midnight UTC) an upgrade is being deployed with several major protocol improvements. During this time, which is expected to be up to several hours, users may be unable to interact with the system, including using Mintr, Kwenta, or Synthetix.Exchange, and transferring SNX or Synths.

Here's what is included in this release:

  • SIP-89: Virtual Synths — This allows the proceeds of unsettled exchanges to be transferrable by tokenizing them into Virtual Synths. This adds composability, allowing a transfer soon after an exchange.
  • SIP-91: Debt Cache Contract — This SIP proposes adding a new DebtCache contract, along with a RealtimeDebtCache implementation inheriting DebtCache, which will be used on L2 where debt snapshots are not required. All debt cache related functions that currently exist in Issuer will be moved into the new contracts.
  • SIP-92: Historical iSynths pricing tracks when last frozen (pending community governance approval) — SIP-92 adds historical pricing of when an iSynth was frozen to fix a bug with fee reclamation (SIP-37) that incorrectly applies existing frozen iSynth status to past settlements.

This release is called 'Mimosa,' which like all releases is named after a star (in order of visual magnitude). If you've got any comments or questions about the release, please come join the conversation in Discord.