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Win a share of 4000 sUSD in our first ever Synthetix.Exchange trading competition!

We’re running the first ever Synthetix.Exchange trading competition!

Win a share of 4000 sUSD in our first ever Synthetix.Exchange trading competition!

We’re running a Synthetix.Exchange trading competition! This will be the first of several trading comps we’ll hold in the future, so this first one will be aimed at our existing community only, to give us some time to receive some feedback around the competition mechanics and the exchange’s interface.

To participate, simply fill out this Google Form here. We’ll collect your wallet address and your starting Synth balance, as well as your Twitter handle or Discord name if you’d like your results to be public (only for the brave).

The competition will run for two weeks, from Monday May 13 (12:00noon AEDT) to Monday May 27 (11:59am AEDT). Through the competition’s duration, you’ll be unable to transfer Synths in or out of that wallet, and you’ll also be unable to mint or burn any Synths. Any participant who does will be disqualified. This means that any SNX stakers who wish to maintain their Collateralisation Ratio must enter the competition with a new wallet.

There are two streams: percentage gain and absolute gain. This structure rewards both ability and ambition. The savviest trader will win the percentage gain stream (20 sUSD minimum starting balance), and the trader who successfully juggles ambition and success will win the absolute gain stream. Prizes will be 2000 sUSD for each stream, split as follows: 1250 sUSD for first, 500 sUSD for second, and 250 sUSD for third. These prizes will be delivered within a week of the competition’s end date, after we have collated results and checked wallets for eligibility.

As mentioned, one objective of this community competition is to gain feedback around how we can improve our dApp's interface for traders before we expand our target audience beyond the existing community. So throughout the competition, please let us know in Discord how we can improve the exchange for users. Good luck to all participants!