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Sep 27/28: Synthetix Community Governance Call

Sep 27/28: Synthetix Community Governance Call

The next Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for Tuesday Sep 27th at 8pm UTC (9/27 afternoon/evening for western hemisphere; 9/28 morning for eastern hemisphere), and we’d love for you to join us!

We'll be holding this event on our Discord, RSVP now at

The current agenda for this month’s meeting (subject to change) is as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Spartan Council update
  • Intro new CC’s
  • Perps V2
  • State of atomic swaps
  • Direct Integration and Curve Integration
  • Escrow liquidations
  • Synthetix V3
  • Debt Migration
  • Staking v2 UI
  • Gauntlet Risk Updates


  • Synthetix Council updates
  • Kwenta updates
  • Thales updates
  • Lyra updates
  • Aelin updates
  • Polynomial updates
  • Open questions