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Repository Mirroring on Radicle

Repository Mirroring on Radicle

Synthetix has been experimenting with using Radicle to decentralize how we coordinate development. As a result, you can view Synthetix repositories on our Radicle page.

Decentralization with Radicle

Radicle is a decentralized stack for collaborative software development which will allow developers to coordinate without relying on intermediaries. Although Radicle is still in the early days of its development, Synthetix has begun experimenting with mirroring our code repositories, which are currently hosted on Github, on Radicle.

One of the goals of the Synthetix community is to reach an immunity to risks associated with using privately owned tools managed by third parties. By using Radicle to allow developers to access our code in a decentralized way, we believe we are taking another step toward this goal.

Synthetix Radicle Node

In addition to mirroring our repositories on Radicle, Synthetix will also operate a Radicle Seed Node. A Seed Node is an always-on node that automatically tracks projects using Radicle, thereby increasing the availability of these projects on the network. You can access this Radicle node by visiting To ensure that connection with our Seed Node is as secure as possible, it has several different security measures in place such as HTTPS only, DDoS protection, bot traffic filtering, a no logging policy, HSTS, DNSSEC and more, making it one of the most secure nodes currently available on the Radicle Network. The node is also automatically updated in in case there is a new version available. We currently support the latest version of Radicle, v0.2.4.

If you have any questions about our experimentation with Radicle, feel free to ask them in our Discord.