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Synthetix lists stETH Perps

Synthetix lists stETH Perps

Synthetix is thrilled to announce the addition of Lido Finances' stETH as the latest asset for leverage trading on Synthetix Perps. This exciting new perpetual futures market has been approved by SIP 2021 and had parameters set in SCCP 2015.

Synthetix Perps is the only protocol supporting stETH perps. No other decentrealized, or centralized, perpetual futures protocol currently supports stETH.

Trading Synthetix Perps

Synthetix Perps can be traded on front-ends that integrate with SNX liquidity and support perps trading: Kwenta, Polynomial, Decentrex, and dHEDGE.

Please note that Synthetix DAO does not provide any trading front-ends directly and instead relies on third-party user-facing protocols to serve traders. For more information on integrating with Synthetix Perps, please refer to the Synthetix Docs.

stETH Parameters & Information

The addition of these new markets expands the number of assets available for leverage trading through Synthetix Perps. Prices will be set by the decentralized off-chain Pyth Network oracle, and fees may vary depending on the asset.

The latest configurable values, including fees, open interest, and more, can be found in SCCP-2015 .These are configurable governance values and can be changed at any time.

Market Offchain Make/TakeFees MaxMarketValue SkewScale
STETH 2/10 3000 100000

Listing New Synths

The process for adding new Synths to Synthetix is based on demand, liquidity, and volatility. All markets must be approved by Synthetix Governance through a SIP and/or a subsequent SCCP to configure variables. Additionally, data feeds from Pyth and Chainlink are necessary for any proposed assets to be considered for inclusion.