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Synthetix.Exchange Trading Competition Round 3

All the details for our next trading comp!

Synthetix.Exchange Trading Competition Round 3

It's time for the third round of our trading competition on Synthetix.Exchange! There are a few minor changes to how it runs compared to previous versions, and you can enter by filling out this form here.

EDIT: We have updated the rules so entry balances must be within a range, not a fixed amount. See below for the ranges.
EDIT 2: We have also decided to allow late entrants, so if you forgot to sign up, you can use the same form to do so. Late entries will be allowed until one day after the competition opens — until Tuesday, July 30, 12 noon AEST.

We've previously had two streams: % gains, and $ gains. But this time we're simplifying it and only measuring by % gain. But we'll be running three entry tiers, so people can enter with a range of different balances. These entry balances are 5000+ sUSD, 1000-4999 sUSD, and 100-999 sUSD. Once again there'll be 15,000 SNX divided between the winners, with two placings for each tier:

  • Whale: (5000+ sUSD entry) 1st place — 6000 SNX; 2nd place — 4000 SNX
  • Dolphin: (1000-4999 sUSD entry) 1st place — 3000 SNX; 2nd place — 1500 SNX
  • Shrimp: (100-999 sUSD entry) 1st place — 300 SNX; 2nd place — 200 SNX

We'll share the leaderboard with the community once the competition has started. It will run from Monday, July 29, 12 noon AEST, until Monday, August 12, 12 noon AEST.

Once again, throughout the competition's duration, entrants will be unable to transfer, burn, or mint any Synths with their nominated wallet. Also, entrants who begin with a balance outside of the tiered ranges will not be eligible.

Come join us in Discord if you've got any questions!

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