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SNX liquidity incentive for sUSD/DHT Uniswap pool

New liquidity incentive for dHedge's governance token

SNX liquidity incentive for sUSD/DHT Uniswap pool

The synthetixDAO has agreed to contribute 3000 SNX per week in incentives towards a new liquidity pool of DHT and sUSD for ten weeks. This will create liquidity for DHT against sUSD, which is the token that people are likely to earn through the dHEDGE protocol, allowing users to spend their earned sUSD directly on DHT. dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management protocol powered by Synthetix.

dHedge has also agreed to contribute 15,000 DHT per week as rewards. To participate, head over to the Uniswap pool to contribute liquidity, and then to either dApp at dHEDGE or Staking to stake your LP token and earn the SNX and DHT rewards.

More information

For more info about dHEDGE, you can join their Discord, and for more information about Synthetix come join our Discord!