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Join us on January 20/21 for the next community governance call!

All the details ahead of the next community governance call

Join us on January 20/21 for the next community governance call!

The first Synthetix community governance call of 2020 is scheduled for January 20/21 (timezone dependent), and as usual there’s plenty to talk about.

Here are the times:

San Francisco: Monday, January 20, 10pm
New York: Tuesday, January 21, 1am
Central Europe: Tuesday, January 21, 7am
Singapore: Tuesday, January 21, 2pm
Sydney: Tuesday, January 21, 5pm

You can join the call here using Zoom (desktop app required), though there’ll be an online recording on YouTube shortly after. Here is the agenda for the meeting:

2020 Update

  • Intro
  • Structure

Achernar Release

Two Foundation-funded trials (pending approval):

Betelgeuse Release

  • SIP-10: Upgrade delegate powers
  • SIP-14: Exchange delegation
  • Issue-58: Time-based staking rewards
  • SIP-9: Change fee claim window to one week
  • SIP-36: Chainlink Phase 2
  • Issue-80: Synth exchange suspension for protocol security

Hadar Release

  • SIP-13: Account merging
  • SIP-15: Liquidation / direct redemption
  • New arb pool (Issues #59, #65, #69)

Other SIPs and issues

  • GrantsDAO
  • Issue-72: Asset liquidity requirements
  • Trading incentives
  • Collateralisation Ratio
  • Exchange fee
  • sETH peg

If you've got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!