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Havven Token Sale Details

Havven Token Sale Details

The Havven token sale begins on February 28 (12:00 midday PST), and will run until March 6 (23:59 PST) or whenever the hard cap (USD$30m) is reached. To participate, you must have passed the whitelisting and KYC/AML process. If you were successfully whitelisted, you will have recently received a confirmation email from Havven. If you were not successfully whitelisted, unfortunately you cannot participate in the token sale.



This article will explain the details on the Expression of Interest sale, which has now ended, as well as how the Havven token sale will work.

Expression of Interest Sale

The Expression of Interest (EOI) sale ran from February 26 (12:00 midday PST) to February 27 (23:59 PST). To participate in the EOI sale, participants went to between January 8 and January 31, registered their email, and nominated an amount they wished to purchase. All EOI sales are escrowed (locked) for 12 months, with 25% of their tokens released every 3 months.

The EOI sale was intended to offer a guaranteed allocation and higher discount to participants who supported Havven and registered their interest early. Anyone was able to join the EOI sale, there was no minimum purchase and no commitment required.

In addition to the EOI purchases a strategic allocation was provided to a group of funds who committed to purchase $15m before the EOI period ended. This allocation was provided at the same 30% discount as the public EOI allocation, but as part of the offer they were granted no lockup on the basis they delivered at least three high value strategic partners. This group was instrumental in bringing on BlockTower, Blockasset, GBIC, and Alphablock. Having strategic partners like these funds is critical to building relationships with other projects building decentralised systems and protocols.

The total amount raised in the EOI period was USD$26 million. This leaves USD$4 million for the token sale.

Token Sale

As has already been mentioned, to make a purchase in the token sale, participants must have received a confirmation email from Havven. They must have registered for the whitelist between February 19 and February 25 at The total number of whitelisted participants is the sale is just under 25,000.

There will be an individual cap for each participant in the token sale. This cap is the ETH or BTC equivalent of USD$5000. We chose to implement an individual cap to ensure wider participation in addition to the public EOI offering.

ETH and BTC prices will be determined hourly and displayed during the transaction process. The recommended gas limit is 200K and it will be pre-filled on the sale page. The queuing system, which only allows a set number of participants at any time, means that only a few hundred people may attempt a transaction at once.

While purchasing in the token sale, purchasers can select an escrow/vesting option for a discount. Please note: the discount refers to a higher proportion of tokens distributed for the paid amount, rather than reducing the amount paid. The escrow periods for the token sale are the following:

  • 18 months: 20% discount
  • 12 months: 15% discount
  • 6 months: 10% discount
  • 3 months: 5% discount

Making a Purchase

To make a purchase during the sale, please log in at by 12:00 (midday) PST on February 28. Once you log in, you will be placed in a queue. Your place in the queue will be displayed as a number on your screen. This place will update in real-time, and refreshing the page will not affect updates. As your number approaches 0, you will get closer to entry. Once you have entered, there is no countdown timer to make your transaction. The purchase steps are as follows:

  • Once you enter, the page will display Terms and Conditions. Review these and agree that you have reviewed them.
  • Next is a Payment Details page. You can select your vesting/escrow schedule, nominate a contribution amount (up to USD$5000 equivalent in BTC or ETH), and the ERC20-compatible wallet address at which you would like to receive your tokens. Then, select whether you will pay in BTC or ETH.
  • The following screen gives you an opportunity to review the details you have just entered. Tick the purchase agreements and sign your name. Please note: you must use the same name you entered while joining the whitelist.
  • The next screen allows you to make the payment. A QR code will be provided for you in case that is your preferred method of payment. Alternatively, you can pay by entering the provided transaction details into your wallet app.
  • Each purchaser will see an address titled “Transaction Data.” This is a unique identifier that must be generated and submitted to make a purchase, and is also called a payload. Along with the rest of the details provided, these must be entered into your wallet app. Once you have made the transaction, either by QR code or by manually entering details into your wallet app, once the transaction has gone through, you will automatically be taken to the next page.
  • The final screen is a payment confirmation page — your purchase is complete! From here, you can press “Buy more HAV” to make another purchase, provided that there are still tokens remaining to be purchased.


Unfortunately you cannot buy tokens from an exchange wallet. You can only buy tokens from a wallet that has the functionality to enter in transaction data (i.e. a payload).

You can pay with a different wallet to the one in which you choose to receive your Havven tokens. The wallet in which you choose to receive your Havven tokens must be an ERC20-compatible wallet.

We’re working closely with TrustWallet, an ERC20-compatible wallet for both Android and iOS. One of TrustWallet’s best features is that any ERC20 token that shows up will be clearly displayed.

Popular wallets that can be used are MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Jaxx.

If you do not choose any escrow options then the tokens you purchase, once they arrive in mid-March, will be unlocked.


Beware: there are many scammers around. The only way to participate in the token sale, and the only way to purchase Havven tokens, is through the official Havven website:

  • If you were not whitelisted, you can NOT participate in the token sale.
  • Havven team members will NOT contact you directly to offer you any kind of sale or discount.
  • Always check that the website you are using has the correct URL in your browser:

For official updates, see the following links:

These are the only legitimate Havven Telegram groups. Please review that you are in the correct groups. Havven Official Group #1 has approximately 99,000 members, and Havven Official Group #2 has approximately 26,000 members.

Time Zone Conversions

Here are the start times for the Havven token sale:

  • PST (Los Angeles): 12:00 (midday), February 28
  • EST (New York): 15:00, February 28
  • UTC/GMT (London): 20:00, February 28
  • CET (Paris): 21:00, February 28
  • MSK (Moscow): 23:00, February 28
  • SGT (Singapore) 04:00, March 1
  • AEDT (Sydney): 07:00, March 1

Please note: times are displayed in 24-hour time.

Thank you to everybody who is hoping to participate in the token sale or who has supported Havven at any stage so far.

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