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Havven 2018 Roadmap

Havven 2018 Roadmap

A clear project roadmap is important for transparency. It gives potential token sale participants exposure to the team’s vision and the path to execution from a technical and logistical perspective. Announced in Q4, 2017, Havven’s schedule for the lead-up to the token sale has been closely adhered to, and we look forward to the start of the token sale on February 28. This article will outline the Havven roadmap for the rest of 2018. Please note that all periods and developments are offered as a guide only and are subject to change. That said, we have put significant effort into hitting our milestones and we will continue to do so.

Q1 2018 — ether-backed nomins

The token sale ends on March 6 and the Havven platform will launch in mid March. This launch version of the platform will utilise nomins backed by a portion of the ether received during the token sale. This will allow the Havven team to extract data that will assist in the continuing rollout of the network, specifically around market dynamics and the implementation of the stability mechanism. By backing the nomins with ether, people who wish to transact using nomins will be able to trust that they are backed by sufficient collateral until the value of havvens and the network has been established. The Havven foundation will hold the ether collateral and will assume the risk of providing this backing. Anyone may purchase these ether-nomins (eUSD) from the eUSD pool for US$1 worth of ether. eUSD can also be sold back into the pool for US$1 worth of ether. The exchange rates will be determined using an oracle.

Q2 2018 — havven-backed nomin implementation (foundation)

Having gathered data on the implementation of ether-backed nomins, the Havven foundation will begin to issue havven-backed nomins (nUSD). As decentralised collateralisation is a vital aspect of the platform, its rollout will be a cautious one, hence only the foundation will be able to issue nomins during this phase.

We anticipate that as the value of the Havven network is demonstrated centralised exchanges will begin to list havvens in April 2018.

We also anticipate announcing partnerships in April and May 2018 with traditional and crypto businesses wishing to integrate with the Havven network.

We expect the transition to havven-backed nomins to be implemented in Q2 2018.

Q3 2018 — havven-backed nomin implementation (public)

Issuance of havven-backed nomins by public havven holders will occur in Q3 2018. Once the issuance of these havven-backed nomins is complete, exchanges and other platforms will be able to integrate with the Havven network. We expect this process to begin in Q3 2018.

Q4 2018 — Multi-currency support

Once the system has proven stable using USD denominated nomins, the foundation will seek to enable multi-currency nomins. The first of these currencies are likely to be EUR, AUD, YEN and GBP.


This roadmap covers a number of key aspects of the system, but there will be many more detailed announcements on specific areas of the roadmap as a clearer picture of the likely implementation timelines emerges. We plan to continue using our Telegram channel to communicate updates on the network. If you have not already, please join here.

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